3 reasons to choose wooden toys

Wooden toys in recent years have conquered the hearts of the youngest and their parents. After a long break people are choosing them again appreciating the charm of natural and ecological blocks, toy cars, and much more. But this is not the only advantage that makes wooden toys stand out. What is the phenomenon of wooden toys and why are they special? Let's think about their magic.

1.Naturally beautiful

A well made wooden toy smells great and is very pleasant to touch. A wooden toy is an opportunity for a child to directly connect with the nature - when they grasp the wood, it allows them to manipulate a natural resource that is created directly from the Earth.

2.Sustainable and environment friendly

Wooden toys are normally more durable (yielding less waste than their plastic counterparts), biodegradable and may even be made with sustainable wood. Good quality, eco-friendly wooden toys also don’t contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys. Be aware, however, of cheap, low-quality wood. Some are made from plywood that’s full of toxic glues. Lack of quality control on these cheaper materials means there’s a high probability that paints tainted with lead were used, as well. Keep in mind, when speaking of wooden toys, we are speaking of wooden toys made from sustainably sourced, certified wood.

3.Develop toddler's talents

Many modern toys give the child everything - the toy moves itself, makes sounds, encourages specific reactions... And toddler? He actually remains a passive observer of the action and learns that everything comes very easily. The wooden toy on the contrary nurtures child’s creativity, it forces them to open up their imagination and invent new ways of playing with it. It will spark their natural curiosity and help them develop motor skills, problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, social skills and so much more.

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