About us

LOOKA.world project was created in 2019 with the aim to gather together unique and sustainable products from all the world. The founders of the shop carefully review each product and only add it to shop's selection if it corresponds to highest standards!

 At LOOKA.world we value all aspects of sustainability. We believe that sustainability is not only about selecting environmentally friendly materials, it is much complex concept which, for example, implies the way how any particular product is produced and of course it is about the social dimension. That is why we only select  products that are truly sustainable!

We also do care about the packaging, that is why all products are carefully packed in boxes made from recycled materials. And when it is possible – we are trying to minimise the amount of packaging used or make it more environmental or reusable. 

If you have any question or need support please contact us by email: info.looka.world@gmail.com